Mint e

No known personalities yet,but presumed to be a super sweet girl who loves mints!


Mint E. Stripes is a pale-skinned girl with black button eyes and peach cheeks that blend in with her skin.Her hair is a red and white mint theme,with reds and whites that swirl around.It is worn in buns and is held up by 2 blue bows , 1 on each side.On each side of a bun there is a wrapper to make it looked like a wrapped up mint.Most of her bangs are going to the left apart from when a big comes along,switls on the end,and makes the other side part to the right. Her dress is white with red swirls around.Her tights are bluey-green with white stripes.Her shoes are red with white socks.


Lalaloopsy Full Size Doll

Sewn on

No information

Sewn from

No information


Mint Dog


Mint E.'s pet is white mint dog with red swirly ears and tail.She also wears a bluey-green bow on her head.

Mint E.'s Home

No-one knows where she comes from at the moment,but she might live in a sweet shop!

What is she avalible in?

At the moment , she is only avalible in full size.

Interesting facts

  • Mint E. Stripes has unknown theme at the moment,due to Mint and Stripes refer to toothpaste,although the rappers in her hair refer to sweets,but they could be dental sweets.