No know personalities yet,but presumed to be an alien and like space.She might come from a button-like planet.


Haley is a glowing greeny limey skinned girl with black button eyes and light pink cheeks.She has short vibrant bluey-turquiose coloured hair with her bangs being very wavy withy a few girls and pigtails worn with very small spring piecesand they curl on the ends.She has dark pink bobblers on a curly silver antennae on the top of her head.

Her outfit is very complex, consisting of a shiny platinum chekered dress with dark pink belts around her chest and lighter pink lining that matches a shiny pale pink underskirt under the top layer. As well as dark pink puffed bloomers.Her shoes are pale pink with silver ends and dark pink buckles twisting round twice.


Lalaloopsy Full Size Doll

Sewn on

No information

Sewn from

No information


Green Alien with White fangs and bow.


Haleys pet is a green alien with a big round head with two antennae on each side and on the  right side there is a little dark pink bow.

Haleys Home

Haleys home is unknown,but it might be a button shaped planet.

What is she avalible in?

At the moment,she is only avalible in full size doll.

Interesting Facts

  • Her prototype as a lot of differences than her real doll,one being that she looks a lot older.
  • She was named after Halleys Comet.
  • She looks like a Novi Star


  • Haleys Prototype.
  • Haleys pet alien.